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If You Feel Like Hav­ing a So­lo Per­for­mance at the Mall: Karaoke Booths

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Karaoke usu­al­ly en­tails a bar full of peo­ple, which is not a per­fect case sce­nario if you’re not a very good singer, or you just pre­fer to keep your tal­ents to your­self. Peo­ple of Chi­na have what every in­tro­vert­ed mu­sic lover has ever dreamed of: karaoke booths where no one can hear you singing un­less you de­cide to share the video with your friends. Just imag­ine ca­su­al­ly strolling through the mall and spot­ting some­one hav­ing a per­for­mance of their life, but not be­ing able to hear any of it… pret­ty much like hit­ting the “mute” button.

These karaoke booths in malls in Chi­na are ac­tu­al­ly cell phone-con­trolled, and they al­low the users to pay for their karaoke ses­sions via WeChat (by scan­ning the code). You can choose a song from your phone and record the karaoke ses­sion, which can be saved to your WeChat ac­count and shared on­line. These karaoke booths are a great so­lu­tion if you’re feel­ing like a rock­star af­ter your shop­ping, or you’re in­to some sad tunes af­ter hit­ting the cred­it card lim­it at the mall.

Video cred­it: What­son­Wei­bo on YouTube