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If You Feel Like Having a Solo Performance at the Mall: Karaoke Booths

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Karaoke usually entails a bar full of people, which is not a perfect case scenario if you’re not a very good singer, or you just prefer to keep your talents to yourself. People of China have what every introverted music lover has ever dreamed of: karaoke booths where no one can hear you singing unless you decide to share the video with your friends. Just imagine casually strolling through the mall and spotting someone having a performance of their life, but not being able to hear any of it… pretty much like hitting the “mute” button.

These karaoke booths in malls in China are actually cell phone-controlled, and they allow the users to pay for their karaoke sessions via WeChat (by scanning the code). You can choose a song from your phone and record the karaoke session, which can be saved to your WeChat account and shared online. These karaoke booths are a great solution if you’re feeling like a rockstar after your shopping, or you’re into some sad tunes after hitting the credit card limit at the mall.

Video credit: WhatsonWeibo on YouTube