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Street Workout… but in a Cubicle

Did you ever think to yourself, while in a Porta Potty (that sad excuse for a toilet they have), “I really wish there was a treadmill in here so I could exercise?” Well, dear reader, your dreams have been answered. And they’ve been answered in China, of course.

Self-service gym pods, resembling toilet cubicles, contain all the essential fitness accessories, as well as air-purifier and air-conditioning (exactly what a Porta Potty could use). In the middle of the street in Beijing, China, you can come across these fully-equipped shared gym pods for everyone to use. It is a great place for people to get a quick workout in, or burn the calories right after having a burger across the street. They are, however, an unpleasant sight for those on the lookout for the best cheat-meal spots. Just what we needed: yet another reminder that there are no excuses for not getting that workout in.

Well, here’s a valid excuse for the citizens of Beijing: using these shared gym pods isn’t free (US$0.03 per minute). Also, in order to locate a workout pod near you and use it, you’re going to need an app. The payment, as well as the activation of the pod, is done by scanning the QR code via two of the most popular apps in China: Alipay or WeChat.

Source: TechInAsia