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They Loved Wa­ter­mel­on So Much They Ex­hib­it­ed It

You claim you love wa­ter­mel­on? Well, not as much as the Chi­nese! When it comes to ex­treme­ness, it is hard to com­pete with Chi­na, so don’t even try. In this case, we have ex­treme re­spect for wa­ter­mel­ons — that ex­treme that they de­cid­ed to build a mu­se­um specif­i­cal­ly for it. Yes, this place is called Wa­ter­mel­on Mu­se­um, it is lo­cat­ed in Bei­jing, and it cel­e­brates wa­ter­mel­on in all its sorts, shapes and sizes.

Source: The Trav­el