Boom, China Boom! is a fun project by three friends who appreciate China’s weirdness… and can’t get enough of it.

Jing Yang is a modern classical musician from Kulangsu who appreciates how we see the world from China, and how those weird North Americans see the world. The classical music world is also weird unto itself—but fewer people are interested in classical music than in China.

Robin Goldstein is originally from Massachusetts but has made Kulangsu his home and has been writing books about interesting different places since his Let’s Go days at Harvard. Isn’t it weird how any time you mention Harvard in China, everyone assumes you must you must know what you’re talking about? Dangerous principle.

Angie Rupic was born in Serbia – a country that has been ranked high on the list of weird places, so it’s no wonder she has a soft spot for uniqueness and craziness. Not only is she a fan of the bizarre side of China, but she also loves exploring and writing about it.

Morgan Friedman has a weird sense of humor. Anything that strays far from his expectation or is just downright crazy makes him laugh. When he was just a baby out of college, he started writing down weird things he heard in New York, and is now enjoying doing the same, but even more so—in a place even weirder than New York.

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